We especialice in coatings for
monolithic floors with high chemical
and mechanical resistance.

Industrial floors design and placement.

A troweled concrete floor over a soil base is a common construction element.
- High Resistance Industrial Floors
- Structural Industrial Floors
- Post Tensioning Industrial Floors
- Finished: Polished, Antiskid,Striped.

Industrial floor protection placement.

Our industry-specific experts will guide you in the selection of the best product for the unique needs of your environment.
We guarantee our concrete floor coatings will be installed efficiently and with the highest possible quality standards.

- Epoxy and Polyurethane System
- Orange Peel System
- Epoxy Quarz System
- Self Leveling Epoxy System
- Epoxy Mortar System
- Epoxy Terrazzo System
- Diamond Polishing System
- Dissipative and Conductive System
- Joint Sealing System
- Security Signal System
- Stain Concrete System
- Polyester System
- Silicone Sealant System
- Acrylic, Urethane System

Polished Concrete System.

Through the polished concrete system ordinary concrete floors are transformed into highly decorative, quality floor surfaceswell suited for high-end retail, commercial, institutional and architectural applications.
- Mirror Finish System.
- Wet Finish System.
- Exposed Aggregate System.

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